2019 The 13th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date: Nov.4th- Nov.6th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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The company will be unveiled at the shenzhen financial exposition
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(original title: the company's special car system will appear in China (shenzhen) international finance expo)

Jinan qilu evening news on October 24 - solstice 5 November 7, 2016, sponsored by the people's government of shenzhen, shenzhen trade promotion committee, shenzhen financial services office, etc. To undertake the 10th China (shenzhen) international financial exposition will have its pavilion at the shenzhen convention and exhibition center was held. As one of China's three most influential financial exhibition, shenzhen gold expo on a par with the expo, Shanghai gold expo Beijing, special Chinese financial first team, the exhibition is shenzhen show innovative financial forms, service the real economy, and promote financial important platform for international exchanges and cooperation.

As China's Internet financial leading enterprises, China's first batch of state-level high-tech enterprises, the ministry of industry and information technology of Chinese Internet enterprises, shenzhen dimon network technology co., LTD., was invited to appear on the gold expo, will be in the exhibition hall 1 E14 booth to share with customers about car, the raise, P2P network, the Internet financial such as agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and loan electricity overall solution. There will also be wonderful programs and many gifts, and welcome friends from all walks of life and financial lovers to visit and exchange.

Among them, the concept of special car finance was first proposed and advocated by dumont technology in China. Dimon about car system is the company organization of more than 300 Chinese and foreign experts and technical team is to build a set of users to call car, automatic send single, driver, settlement, vehicle management, financial services, and other functions in one of the web about car integrated system solutions, to maximize meet customer demand, help customers to achieve rapid development.

The dumont crowd-funding system is a newly developed software product aimed at the emerging online financing model of Internet finance. The software can help customers build public crowdfunding platforms to enable Internet users to crowdfunding and financing activities on crowdfunding platforms. Through crowdfunding system background, the user, crowdfunding project, crowdfunding and other relevant information can be effectively managed.

Dimon rural financial system is a set up for the enterprise financing service system of "countryside, agriculture and farmers" high-end Internet financial system solutions, applicable to all the suggests, credit loans, consumer finance, agricultural insurance, agricultural products supply chain, such as financial model, through the adoption of Internet + rural financial innovation means to make up for the traditional financial institutions in rural microfinance, shortage of financial management and financial services, enhance rural pratt &whitney financial coverage and penetration.

In addition, the regulatory boots after landing, dimon pioneered V7.0 network credit system is fully absorbed by 5.0/6.0 of the original version of the market is highly recognized the advantages of a new upgrade to build one of the most conforms to the national regulation policy of credit system, the system configuration investors risk tolerance assessment, platform of information disclosure, borrow dynamic disclosure of security, project management, contract, etc. At the same time, the 7.0 system takes the Internet + offline traditional finance business model, which is compatible with P2B, P2C, P2N, etc.

Mr Dimon electricity system is dimon after 11 years the accumulation of large electricity system of actual combat experience, formed the current mature, perfect electronic commerce system solution, support B2B, B2C, B2B2C, O2O, differential marketing and other business model, with vertical industry, manufacturing industry, the trading market, commodities trading on the basis of model, power through the channels of upstream and downstream industry chain; Through rich promotion form, humanized operation experience, complete order process, help customers build a stable, efficient e-commerce platform.

Dumont technology is renowned for creating "the most authoritative, professional and safe" Internet financial system. Original ecological code fully guarantee the efficiency and security system, always adhere to the principle of "customer first", for haier, avic, mountain steel group, China's wanda, the xinjiang production and construction corps, ufida, societe generale, etc. More than 1000 financial services provide one-stop solution for Internet financial system. In addition, dumont technology also pioneered the "100 million system security claims" guarantee plan, providing the most powerful system security guarantee for the client platform.

The gold expo to "cross-border melts all sectors to each other to win the world" as the theme, the pavilion area of 30000 square meters, there will be nearly 300 Internet finance, banking, securities, insurance, funds, investment and financing institutions such as the fair, hundreds of thousands of viewers to visit. "With financial savage growth the end of an era, Internet industry has entered a innovation in accordance with the law, fair competition and orderly and healthy development of the new era, the gold expo became the regulation after landing, the window on the financial development of China's Internet is the most important." The chairman of the economic and industrial commission of shenzhen municipal people's congress, chairman of shenzhen Internet finance chamber of commerce and chairman of the chairman of the chairman of the company, said to jun.

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