2018 The 12th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date: Nov.5th- Nov.7th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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Participation Fee:

1.Standard booth


2.Bare indoor stall

Minimum 36 square meters

1. Standard stall facilities: exhibition area, 2.5-meter high board, a fascia board both in Chinese and English, one table, two chairs, 220V power socket and two spotlights;

2. No facility for bare indoor stall

USD4500(foreign exhibitor)per booth


USD240 (foreign exhibitor)

Expo Magazine Advertisement:


Cover: 60,000

Back cover: 48000

Seal two: 26,000

Seal three: 26,000

Title page: 26,000

Color full version: 10,000

Guide map: 50000/ million copies

Documents lanyard: 60000 / million

Billboards: 30,000

Light pole flag: 3000 / pole

Handbag: 60000/ million

Hexagon ball: 4,000/ each

Tickets: 120000 / 100,000

North Gate curtain wall: 38,000 / block

Square flyover: 25,000 / piece

 Note: tickets will be printed at least 100,000 copies, 210mmx80mm.
Journal of size: (width 210mmx height 285mm)   

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